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Brief: To revitalise the LifeWorkPotential site and take advantage of the new features of Actinic V8. To incorporate existing products and add additional detailed product information. To change the design sctructure to a single product per page format to aid search engines indexing.

After Upgrade: The site design was completely changed keeping similar colouring and product information. White space was conciously left as much as possible to achieve the clean effect. and many additional Add-On features were incorporated including; a collapsible menu navigation and currency converter; automated cut-down Best Seller and New Product descriptions with image click ability; checkout progress bar integration; numerous facilities included to make the maintainance of the text and images simpler for the client. A large amount of additional detailed product information was added and reformatted to suit the design.



Original Site: The site was originally built using Actinic V7 and then migrated to Actinic V8. The site was already functional but needed a new clean look and feel as well as new navigation to make it more modern.

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Summary |  Website Showcase |  LifeWorkPotential

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