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V11 of SellerDeck/Actinic's award winning software is now released

SellerDeck/Actinic Business

SellerDeck/Actinic Business builds on the comprehensive features of SellerDeck/Actinic Catalog and provides additional advanced functionality for high volume ecommerce sites. SellerDeck/Actinic Business is particularly suitable for small and medium sized businesses requiring sophisticated functionality in the areas of marketing, customer management and back office integration.

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Summary |  SellerDeck/Actinic Software |  SellerDeck/Actinic Business

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SellerDeck/Actinic Layouts V11
Image Optimisation
SellerDeck/Actinic Layouts V10 to v8
SellerDeck/Actinic Templates V7
Sports Club Websites

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