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V11 of Sellerdeck/Actinic's award winning software is now released

SellerDeck/Actinic eCommerce

There are three phases to having an online store: the Design Phase, the Populating Phase and the Operational Phase. We can help with all of these. We can create a suitable modern design with all the best sales features of a high quality online store; we can assist with popluating your products into the store as well as the image photography; and finally we can also assist with the daily running operation of the store.

We use Sellerdeck/Actinic e-Commerce software, one of the leading e-Commerce software packages available, and integrate that into standard or custom developed designs. We can then hand over the completed and tested store to you with your licenced copy of the Client software so you can easily download and process your orders. We can also offer a fully featured version of Sellerdeck/Actinic that gives you the power to maintain and upload products as well as change your design should you wish giving full control.

Contact us now for a personal, no obligation discussion about your requirements.

Summary |  Website Design |  Sellerdeck/Actinic e-Commerce

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